Nenie XML: an Eiffel XML parser and library

Current release: 0.1, 2001-07-14

Note: most of Nenie XML has been integrated in the development release of Gobo. Nenie XML can be used with Gobo release 2.0. From Gobo 3.0, the XML library within Gobo should be used instead of Nenie XML.

Nenie XML is an XML parser and support library. It is fully written in Eiffel, aiming at portability between compilers. Dependencies are limited to Gobo and the portable subset of the Eiffel kernel library. No external code is used.

The parser targets full XML 1.0 (2nd edition) compliance. It is being tested against the OASIS XML Conformance Test suite -- it currently passes 99% of binary tests. On top of XML 1.0 compliance, it can be used with or without namespaces. The parser is a non-validating processor as defined in the standard: it checks document well-formedness and fully parses DTDs, but does not validate content.

The library, which comes with extensive documentation, includes support for event interfaces (raw and with resolved namespaces) and tree facilities. The tree representation is currently aimed at data-centric documents.



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