Freeware Eiffel programs and libraries

This page contains a few freeware Eiffel or Eiffel-related programs and libraries. Some programs are quite minimalist, but it is hoped that even if a program comes in a package no bigger than a web page background picture, it may be useful.

Most of the links on this page are to compressed .ZIP archives, that it makes sense to download, as opposed to view, using a web browser. The shortcut for downloading a file is usually <shift>+click with most Windows browsers.

Eiffel libraries

All the packages in this section include Eiffel source code. Licences are either public domain, or BSD-style copyrighted freeware -- this is a more liberal licence than the popular but restrictive GNU licences which often prevent the use of libraries in commercial (or public domain) environments.

Fenestra (homepage)
Fenestra is a Win32 API GUI library, which while being specific to the Win32 API is high level enough to allow convenient programming in an object oriented manner. It also aims to be portable to any of the actively supported Eiffel compilers for the Win32 platforms.
Pylon (homepage)
Pylon is a portable foundation library covering classic data structures (lists, set, dictionary, catalog, iterators, etc) and various bits and pieces (date and time, minimalist serialisation, some string handling) missing from the standard Eiffel kernel library. The main emphasis in on portability (it has been tested with and ported to most available Eiffel compilers, which is not frequent for data structure libraries) so that Eiffel libraries can be developed without introducing dependencies on the compiler vendor's proprietary library. As it is a very compact library (one cluster with 50 classes), it can be used concurrently with other libraries without too much overhead.
Traf (see below)
An Eiffel pretty printer program that can also be used as a library.
CRC ~ 5Kb
A class to compute a CRC16 on a stream of bytes. The code uses bit type operations specific to TowerEiffel.

Eiffel utilities

A few classes that allow to compile a version of the Smalleiffel short command line utility for use on the web as a CGI program. This provides a rudimentary yet convenient class browser for SmallEiffel.
Traf ~5 Kb
Traf is a very compact Eiffel pretty printer, for HTML 2.0 and Basser Lout which can be used both as a command line program or as a library. It can be easily customised for other formats. Eiffel source code.
SmallEiffel under Win32
This contains explanations and utilities to use SmallEiffel from Dominique Colnet under WIN32 with Microsoft C. Also includes patches to the SmallEiffel kernel to make it more standard. C source code and text.
CheckTab ~5 Kb
A very small command line utility which checks proper tab and space usage in Eiffel source files. Eiffel source code.
CW Eiffel ~ 15 Kb
This is a DLL for the text editor Codewright to allow colouring of Eiffel code and templates, etc. WARNING: This was tested for Codewright v3.1 (32 bits) and may not work without recompilation on other versions. C source code and win32-x86 DLL.

Misc. (non-Eiffel)

PMpop ~15 Kb
A background menu for Windows NT 3.51. It displays a convenient menu when the right mouse button is clicked on the desktop background. The menu is setup from Program Manager groups (hence the name). x86 binary, freeware.
Some old BBS software in C. For historical interest only.

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